Plant-based Powder We use high quality plant-based starch for all of our products.   Regionally sourced, ensures we can keep our costs low and reduce the carbon footprint with limiting shipping. Our raw ingredients are mixed in our Minneapolis site and then processed to form resin. Starch [...]



Resin and Pellets Custom formulated starch powder is fed into an extruder where gelatinization takes place and resin is formed.  This dense resin is packed into 2000-pound supersacks and shipped worldwide to the customer. The customer processes the resin through a small on-site extrusion system to obtain the desired finished [...]



Loosefill Peanuts High density loosefill peanuts easily alter their arrangement in your container for difficult to fill spaces, regardless of the shape of the container. Due to their shape, peanuts interlock when compressed and free flow when not compressed.  This makes them the perfect packaging for breakable items that may [...]



Sheet and Plank Made from the highest quality raw materials, our sheets can be layered on top of each other and wrapped in a recyclable film in order to create a protective moisture barrier. Additionally, their high performance durable design makes it an excellent choice for thermal insulating and protection [...]



Spheres Versatile product and great alternative to traditional peanuts for fragile items.  Smaller in size, spheres act as a self-correcting packaging that move around the container to fill small spaces. Safe for use with electronics as the spheres are static free, light weight and resilient. [...]

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